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Protection Relays

Single/Multi-Parameter monitoring and protection, such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, residual current, over/under frequency, temperature, etc.

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Residual Current Monitoring Device

Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) device can work with AC contacts or circuit breakers as a monitoring/protective relay, and protect against earth leakage (ground) faults as well as the potential electrical fires. It can provide warning of potential ground faults and reduce downtime of machineries caused by ground faults.

RCM can be used to monitor the ground faults in TT, TN-S, and TN-C-S systems.

  • ​suitable for various power systems

  • wide range of configurable residual current thresholds, 10mA-20A

  • ​request external transformers

  • warning and alarm functions with different configurable thresholds, each has a dedicated indication and relay output

  • DI ports to monitor the status of contacts/breakers

  • Self-test

  • RS485 Modbus RTU

  • Status and abnormity monitoring of transformers

  • Conform to IEC standards 

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Motor Protection Relay

Motor Protection Relay is an all-in-one solution of motor measurement, monitoring, and protection. Motors can be protected by different inverse-time overcurrent protections.

  • motor control and protection

  • short-circuit protection

  • overload protection

  • phase unbalance protection

  • phase sequence monitoring


Multi-parameter Protection Relay

Multi-parameter protection relay(MPPR) provides functions of power monitoring, energy measurement, residual current monitoring , temperature monitoring, control logic, and integrated I/Os. MPPR supports various customisable wired/wireless communication protocols. MPPR is well suited for today's hybrid power distribution, energy management, and electrical safety applications, such as data centre management, load shedding and monitoring, demand response, etc.

  • ​suitable for single phase/three phase delta or wye power systems 

  • power quality measurement

  • energy measurement

  • residual current monitoring

  • temperature measurement

  • programmable DI/DO

  • pulse output, conforming revenue metering standards

  • supports multiple communication protocols and field buses, compatible with common EM and SCADA systems

  • supports PT and CT measuring

  • supports AC/DC aux power supply

  • IOT ready

  • sophisticated EMC design

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