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About Us

Founded in 2004, BFHY Electric is an ISO9001 certified high tech company. For nearly two decades, BFHY has been focusing on providing customers with the best quality OEM/ODM services. We extinguish from others with our whole-stack low-voltage electrical R&D capabilities, years of experience and cooperation with global enterprises, and certified managements. With our featured expertise in measurement and logic control products design and manufacturing, we have gained industry-wide reputations.

We are now a group of around 150 passionate people, believing that by putting continuous efforts into R&D, manufacturing, and, above all, listening to the voice of our customers, we can help them keep bringing robust, safe, agile and smart products to the market. We believe in people are company, by focusing 

All BFHY products are designed and manufactured in our facility located in Tianjin, CHINA, one of the top industrial service cities hosting a lot of Fortune Global 500 companies. 

Mountain Ridge

Our Story


Founded with a strong team of engineers specialized in automation and low-voltage electrical engineering


Introduces our leading solutions of low-voltage electric measurement and protection to the market


Introduces the residual current monitoring solutions


Full expansion and upgrade of our production lines


SMT production lines upgrade

Our Clients
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